How do I enter my measurements for...
- an opening?
- multiple decks or several separate railings?
- existing posts?
- deck features (i.e. planter or bench) or a part of the house?


Railings and Openings: 
the drawing above shows a 3' opening in the middle of the side facing West. Enter the following: 
38"  North, Add span;
36" North, Add opening;
38"  North, Add span

the drawing above shows a 2'x3' flower planter on the NE corner.
Enter the following: 
2'  East, Add structure;
4'  South, Add Structure;
continue with spans

Existing posts: which interrupt the railings are entered as Structures. Shown above is an existing  6"x6" post on the side facing East, and a similar post on the SE corner. The following was entered after the 29" span: 
6" South, Add Structure;
29" South, Add Span (railings in between the posts);
6" South, Add Structure;
6" West, Add Structure;
continue with spans
Post that are not on the railing line can be omitted.

Multiple decks or railing areas:  after entering the first deck, separate the decks by adding a structure or an opening as described above. Make sure the opening/ structure is big enough so the drawings do not overlap.

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